Using MARTA (Atlanta’s Public Transportation System) from the Airport to the Hotel

Welcome to Atlanta!

So you’ve weighed the options, read (or heard) about Atlanta traffic, and have decided to bypass the fiery interstates, parking lot-like bypasses, and various spills that clog up our daily car commutes and take the train to ATLA. Good on you!

Riding the MARTA train costs $2.50 per trip – making it an economical choice on top of the traffic avoidance advantage.

Here’s a few tips to make your ride a little smoother.

When you get off the plane, follow the signs to Baggage Claim.  They will take you to escalators that go down to the “Plane Train”.

The Plane Train shuttles people between concourses and to Baggage Claim.  Make sure you take the plane all the way to the end.  You might think Concourse T is the end of the ride, but it’s not.  Go all the way to Baggage Claim or you’ll have a walk ahead of you.

After getting off the train, you’ll take the escalators up.  While on the elevator, you’ll have plenty of time to see welcomes to Atlanta from the mayor, the governor, and former President Jimmy Carter on the digital screen.

At the top of the elevators turn left or right and  find the signs pointing you to the MARTA train station.

To ride MARTA, you’ll need a ticket or a Breeze Card.  Find the machines in the station, then make your choice.

Choose to buy a ticket if you know you’ll only be riding MARTA to and from the hotel ONCE.

Choose round trip if you plan on returning to the airport by MARTA or one-way if you have other plans for your return.

Continue to follow the prompts to pay for your ticket.  MARTA vending machines take cash and credit cards.

Your ticket will come out at the bottom of the machine.

If you anticipate taking MARTA while in Atlanta to go to Buckhead, the Coke museum, the Center for Civil and Human Rights, the College Football Hall of Fame, or to a neighborhood like Decatur for food and live music, go ahead and buy a Breeze Card.

The cost of the Breeze card is $2.  You can load dollar amounts or choose how many rides you think you will take.

After you have your ticket or card, you’re ready to go!

Have your card or ticket ready and tap it at the turnstiles to go through.

(Keep your card in a handy place after this, as you’ll need it when you get off the train.)

Take the escalator or elevator up to the platform.  Escalators are located at the ends of the platform.  An elevator is located toward the center.


All trains go north from the airport.  To get to the conference, choose the Red train toward North Springs.  Trains leave every 10 minutes.

Upon entering the train, if you don’t have a lot of luggage, move toward the center of the car.  This will make it easier for other passengers to get on and off the train.  If you need more room for your luggage, move toward the back or front of the car where there are spaces for large bags.

You’ll see the seats by the doors are turned sideways.  Those are reserved for our older riders and riders with physical challenges.

You will ride the train 16 stops to the Dunwoody station.  It is a 38 minute ride from the airport.

If you are arriving after 8:30PM, board the yellow train toward Doraville, ride 13 stops to Lindbergh and de-train.  Take the next red train the remaining three stops to Dunwoody.

When you arrive at Dunwoody take the elevator or escalators down.

Tap your card or ticket to get out of the station and turn left onto Perimeter Center Blvd. to walk to the conference hotel.  At the light, turn left onto Hammond Dr. Cross over Ashford-Dunwoody Rd and the Crowne Plaza Ravinia will be on your left.

The hotel also runs a complimentary shuttle about every 20 minutes Monday through Friday from 7am to 6pm from the MARTA station to the hotel.

Enjoy your stay in Atlanta!

Wendy Dewberry, Columbia Theological Seminary


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