Things to Do Around the Conference Hotel

Are there things to do near the conference center besides EAT and SHOP?

With hundreds of retail stores and restaurants just across the street from the conference center, it is possible that you may get tired of eating and shopping.  Maybe.  If so, keep this list handy!

The City of Dunwoody offers a plethora of outdoor and indoor activities to choose from.

Spruill Center for the Arts is just a few blocks north of the conference center and has a lovely gift shop. The art gallery is free and features “rotating professional exhibits and local artisan wares.”

Spruill Center for the Arts

The Dunwoody Nature Center is two miles north of the conference center and offers hiking trails and family friendly places to explore – including a wetlands trail, a teepee, playground, swings, and treehouse.  And it will be nice and shady on a warm June day.

There are two main walking/jogging trails around the conference center.  The trails are shaded and offer options for paved paths and dirt trails.  You can walk/run a half mile or up to 3 miles.  We will have trail maps at the Local Host Table.

Morgan Falls Overlook Park has a beautiful park that sits beside a reservoir.  It is another family friendly destination – and has boat rentals available (kayaks, not pontoon boats!).  It is about five miles away in Sandy Springs.

Murphey Candler Park is only 2 miles south of the conference center.  With a two-mile trail around the park and a big playground – it is a great destination for families or for attendees tired of being inside!

Want to just sit back and watch a movie in a theatre with buttered popcorn?  The Regal Cinemas are just a few miles away!

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