Stone Mountain Park (ATLA Excursion: Wednesday, June 14th)

On Wednesday, June 14th, ATLA is offering an excursion to Stone Mountain Park ($80/person).  Below is a description of this unique natural wonder, from Pitts Theology Library’s Hannah Parks.

Over on the east side of Atlanta is Stone Mountain, a quartz monzonite that stands over 800 feet above the city. The mountain has a varied and sometimes dark history. The mountain has been the site of granite quarrying, an archery and cycling venue in the 1996 Summer Olympics, and most recently a setting for a few scenes in Netflix’s Stranger Things. The State of Georgia purchased the mountain in the 1950s, and it now serves as a recreation area, very popular among local Atlantans.

Stone Mountain’s claim to fame is its bas-relief on the side of the mountain, depicting Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis. Measuring 76 by 158 feet, it is the largest bas-relief in the world. After viewing the carving from the base of the mountain, visitors can take a mile-long hike up the mountain to its peak at 1,686 feet. This hike is strenuous, but a fantastic view of Atlanta’s skyline awaits at the summit.

For those wanting to spend a few more hours in the surrounding forest, a longer 5-mile loop trail circles the mountain, featuring an old covered bridge and grist mill, as well as excellent views of the mountain. This is a moderate hike, and takes a couple of hours to complete.

Along with its miles of hiking trails, Stone Mountain Park offers numerous attractions, such as a railroad around the mountain, a ropes course, and a laser show every evening. Visit the Stone Mountain Park website for information on these and other attractions.

In addition to the excursion (which will have bus service), Stone Mountain Park is about a 40-minute drive from the ATLA Hotel.

Written by Hannah Parks, Pitts Theology Library

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