Get Ready for Atlanta 2017!

Greetings from Atlanta! ATLA colleagues, we, members of the Atlanta host committee, are excited to launch this new blog, which will serve as your preview of the upcoming ATLA Conference in June, 2017. Here we hope to help you plan your visit and get excited about all the activities available to you while you are here in Atlanta. We will add content here weekly, introducing the institutions hosting the conference, detailing the excursions planned for the conference, and exposing you to the many culinary, cultural, and entertaining options available to you this summer.

We would also like to get the conversation going on social media before the conference starts, so please start posting/tweeting using the hashtag #ATLA2017. Please also post any comments or questions about your visit to Atlanta in the comments section of the blog. So, check back here weekly to see what is going on (, or follow this blog using the RSS feed (

We are excited to host you here in June!

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